Floor is a Lava

Play and Challenge!

The mobile AR game, that is going to shake the World.

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Simple but challenging

There is nothing so simple as
«Floor is a Lava» game.

We are going to offer you several game mode with challenges, that will not make you indifferent.

Free to play forever!

Immersive gameplay

Augmented reality adds extra adrenaline to your gameplay experience.

  • feel the depth you can fall
  • see the danger that may burn you
  • hear the gurgling sounds of danger

  • Stay calm and keep jumping. If you dare!

    Realistic Views

    So cubic, so cute, so true
    It's all gone. Real things are coming out.

    Pay attention to everything! If you want to survive as long as possible. Rocks, effects, sounds, any feedback you can get.

    We have warned you.

    Find a game play mode to enjoy



    Development phase


    Gameplay concepts


    Gameplay concepts


    Gameplay concepts

    PoC Game Test: Solo Mode

    Microsoft Hololens.

    iOS & Android mobile devices with AR support

    Upcoming PoC:
    Oculus Quest...

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    Our Team

    Honorable mentions

    The companies and people that helped us since the beginning.

    Garage48 team, Flop Butylkin & Katerina, Katerina Kolyada, Igor, Roman, Eugene Nevgen, Matt Hanson, Peeter Nieler, Madis Vasser, PoC testers.